We create digital human avatars for
brands, companies and individuals.

Founded by Experts
in digital human technology

Intelabot is a service of Immortify, Inc., founded by Randy and Nikki Adams in 2017 to produce lifelike digital humans that emulate real people. Ask Dr. Alex is one of the first of many digital avatars in production at Intelabot which rely on natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a more personal human-like chatbot experience.

Adams is a nine-time serial entrepreneur who has previously held positions as Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems, Division President at the Home Shopping Network and was on the original Board of Directors at Yahoo, Inc. He also managed the team that invented PDF and Acrobat and created the first e-commerce site on the Internet.

What We Do

We create interactive, digital human avatars, the next
generation of chatbots, providing a more human like experience.

At Intelabot we create life-like models of individual characters, give them a personality and embody them with emotions and the ability to reach out to the entire online world or simply a company's FAQ page to answer questions from customers, constituants or friends.

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